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Are you going on a long drive? Remember to check your auto’s headlights. Especially at night when driving in bad weather conditions, like fog, poor visibility and headlights are very important. If your auto needs headlight replacement,don't waste your time searching. We are the leading headlights parts store with immense variety and headlights of all makes and models. Headlights for cars and other vehicles come in different shapes and sizes. You can get wide variety of auto headlights in different materials as well. Headlights are the front lights guiding your way at nights. These lights are damaged the most, in case of collisions or damages from front side.

In the situation, where the headlights of your vehicle cannot work, you have to change these parts on urgent basis for safety purposes. We provide huge inventory of replacement headlights,used headlights and headlight assemblies at our store. Some of the damages to headlights are repairable. For instance, if headlamp is not working, you can exchange headlamp instead of completely replacing the headlight assembly. Here are some useful tips to install headlamp –
  • First, you have to determine whether you can replace the bulb or complete headlamp. If it is a separate assembly where you can change the bulb, you can go ahead.
  • Disassemble the metal band down by removing screws. These screws are small and short. While headlamp adjustment screws are longer and larger than these screw.
  • After removing metal band, the headlamp should hang or float. Now, pull back rubber covering and detach headlamp from backside.
  • Now, place the new headlamp and plug it properly. Put back rubber cover .over the connection.
  • After installing headlamp, fit the metal band again with small screws and test the headlight by turning it on.

With these simple steps, you can replace headlamp easily at your own. Getting auto parts in economical prices is exciting experience. You can opt for used headlamps and headlights to cut down your expenses of repairing. We provide top quality headlights of all makes and models. The headlights for sale with our store are assured for quality with excellent warranties.

Nowadays variety of new and used headlights are available like halogen lamps, HID high intensity discharge lamps etc. We provide enormous varieties of these headlamps in reliable prices. You can find perfect fit headlights for your car, truck and other vehicles easily at our store. Just browse our inventory and get it easily.
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